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Helping local businesses in Duluth thrive

Over a year ago, who would have thought that a virus would end up causing a global health and economic crises? COVID-19 has impacted the way we do business on a larger scale, but importantly also how we do business in our city by the lake as well. Businesses have had to get creative in how they attract customers– from offering pickup, to converting their services to online using Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.

Many local businesses in Duluth that find themselves in a trying situation often operate on thin margins and don’t have large savings accounts to pay for their fixed costs. A variety of emergency loan providers have emerged from the government and non-profits have made several grants available, but challenges remain ahead. Whether you are in the process of re-opening your business, still far from opening, or just want to bolster your online presence, I hope Dulocal can help give you the tools to succeed.

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