How does Dulocal work?

Dulocal is a virtual marketplace for local businesses and consumers in the Twin Ports area. We found that many local businesses either don’t have the time, expertise, or can’t afford to build and maintain their own e-commerce site. Thus, Dulocal provides an easy all-in-one interface that allows consumers to explore local businesses and buy products through their smartphones or web browsers.

Users can browse through the local business or service by location, category and keyword and place orders directly online. With a click of a button, you can add multiple orders from your favorite local businesses to your cart and order all in one go. And it doesn’t stop at ordering the retail goods and food we all love– but ordering services is possible too. We aim to make it easier for you to buy the high-quality products, services and providers that are close to home.

Do Local, Dulocal!

The mission of Dulocal is to assist businesses who lack on eCommerce presence during the pandemic of COVID-19. You can easily create a portal for your business by clicking the button below.

How can I be a vendor?

Dulocal is eager to connect you with customers free of any commission — less only the standard PayPal and Stripe fees! When you fill out the approval form, we will review your application and then admit you to the portal system. Here, you can create your own profile. Businesses are listed with their logos, social media profiles, contact and hours information, and a map to their locations. Next, you can create up to 25 product listings. The product listings are yours to dictate– you can add photos, videos, descriptions and more. If you are a food provider, you may specify pickup or deliver. Finally, when an order is made a direct notification is sent to the email you provided in your profile. That’s it! We want to make the process of ordering locally as simple as possible.